Justine & Michael || A Libby Hill Park Engagement Session

“Left brain meets right brain and become inseparable.”

This was Michael and Justine’s response to “describe your relationship in one sentence” and it could not be more perfect. Michael and Justine may have different ways of looking at the same situation but one thing EVERYONE can agree on – they are absolutely, positively, adorable (Oh. And super in love. Oh. And also super photogenic. So three things. Three things everyone can agree on :).)

Michael and Justine began dating 8 years ago after meeting their freshman year of college. Justine was delivering freshly baked cookies to her new dorm-mates. And HOW could you possibly turn down cookies AND the chance to hang out with this lady??

I met Justine and Michael a few months back and we began planning for their engagement session. Justine’s big request was to capture some images with “open skies” is the background so I knew just the place – Libby Hill Park. Libby Hill is the perfect spot for an engagement session for sooooooo many reasons. First, it’s a relatively small park, so you can traverse the whole thing in just minutes. Not only that, but it has a wide variety of locations within the park to photograph. From cobblestone streets to a little gazebo, a fountain, dirt and paved paths, and plenty of trees and benches – chances are Libby Hill Park will provide you with a little bit of everything you’re looking for :). It’s also located in the great Shockoe Bottom neighborhood which means if you’re looking for a pleasant evening stroll complete with adorable row houses and ornate fences, you’ve come to the right place! Lastly (and in my opinion, most impressively/importantly!), since it is at the top of the hill, you get a GREAT view of some of the incredible Richmond skyline as well as an excellent place to overlook the James River below. Combine all of these factors and you’ve got an excellent location to capture some of those “big sky” photos Justine was craving!

The three of us originally planned our session for April…which was rained out. Followed by later in May…when it poured. And then AGAIN in early June. And a THIRD TIME it rained!! After THREE reschedules, we finally decided – no matter what – we were going with it. And THAT is when Mother Nature decided she was on our side and provided us not only with a beautiful night at Libby Hill, but also with a simply gorgeous sunset 🙂

Michael and Justine, I had SUCH a fabulous time with you two natural models! And while I am THRILLED for all the new adventures you’ll be having as you journey out west, I will certainly miss having you here in Richmond!! Wishing you all the best (and hoping to see you again super soon – maybe in Cali?? :-D)


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