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Hello & Welcome

My name is Jess and I’m a believer in true love, passionate living, and grand adventures.

I’m a Richmond-based wedding, newborn, and portrait photographer specializing in capturing your life’s new beginnings - and all the big and small moments in-between.

I live for what passes to most people as the mundane happenings of everyday life. It's why my camera is usually perched on my kitchen table, ready to photograph my sons, Ryan & Austin, as they watch the leaves in our backyard sway in the breeze.

I am most myself in an oversized sweatshirt, watching Friends reruns with my husband, Jonathan, and our two little dudes, Ry-Guy and Aus-the-Boss.

I'm a night owl. You will rarely see me awake before 10, but can typically find me at my desk well past midnight. My husband is a morning person, but somehow, after all these years, we still make it work.

Jonathan is the reason I believe in authentic, laid-back, *stay-in-with-Netflix* love and also *seize-the-day-and-live-life-with-no-regrets* love.

capture the moments that define your life

When I meet my couples and see that same love reflecting in their eyes, that “I love you when life is boring and also when we choose our own adventure” love, that is when I know that I want nothing more than to help you capture your love story - whatever that may be.

If you're looking for more than a photography experience - if you truly want to capture the moments that define your life - drop me a line - I’d love to hear from you <3.

a little more…

__________________________________ Jonathan and I are high school sweethearts! Together we've weathered AP classes, long distance, parenthood, and THOUSANDS of embarrassing pictures. History
__________________________________ I've traveled to 43 countries on 6 continents! Favorites so far include Guatemala, Australia, Brazil, Malawi, and New Zealand :) Travels
__________________________________ Guacamole is my signature dish (the secret ingredient is cumin - shh - don’t tell!) And while fall is my favorite traditional season, I really prefer "avocado season" ;-) Foodies
________________ ¡Sí, hablo español! A year volunteering at an orphanage in Guatemala helped me cross becoming bilingual off my bucket list! Bilingual
________________ My happiness is curling up on the couch with a carton (yes, a carton) of mint chip, my hubby and little man, and some Parks and Rec reruns. And yes, I *am* lactose intolerant... Down time

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