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From that very first moment, you fell hopelessly in love. You never knew you could feel so strongly, so deeply, for something so tiny. But in that instant, you just knew. This little peanut will change your life in unimaginable ways.

To hold your little one close to you in your arms. To watch their tiny eyelashes flutter as they dream. To feel their itty bitty fingers as they latch around yours. These joyful, seemingly small details amount to so much. They are the beautiful, fleeting moments that weave together to tell the story of your family.

that very first moment, you fell hopelessly in love

Our little ones don't stay little forever. From pregnancy through the birthing experience and your first few days as a family, you should be able to hold on to, remember, and cherish each of these phases for the beauty and love they bring into your life.

If you're hoping to preserve this joyous season of life, send me a message. I'd love to document your family's beautiful journey together.

Step One


Fill out the questionnaire and tell me all about you, your little one, and your family's story!

Step Two


After I receive your inquiry, I’ll be in touch by phone within 48 hours to hear more about your little bundle of joy :)

Step Three


Maternity sessions typically take place from 32-35 weeks. Births are unpredictable! I'll be living the on-call life as we await Baby together! Newborn sessions are scheduled 7-10 days after baby's expected arrival. Looking forward to seeing you then ;-)

Client Review

As first time parents, my husband and I had no idea what went into newborn photography. Jess wowed us with how professional and warm she was and how well she worked with us! We were sleep deprived and anxious about anything to do with our precious baby but felt so at ease with Jess capturing some of our son’s first photos - and we are completely in love with them!!! We would recommend Jess to anyone - she is a true gem!

Bethany T.

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Itty bitty fingers. The tiniest of toes. Delicate eyelashes. Dimpled knees. Little ones grow up crazy fast. Capturing the fleeting details has never been more important.

If you’d like to learn more about my maternity, birth, and newborn collections or to book a session, fill out the “contact me” form below.

Maternity sessions begin at $350. Studio newborn sessions begin at $450.