Baby M. || An Embrace Birth Center Birth Story

A few weeks ago I got an email from Emily, introducing herself and asking for information about birth and newborn photography. And in her short message, she also mentioned this:

“I am currently 38 weeks pregnant.”

Full stop.

My gut reaction was – 38 WEEKS! There is a BABY COMING!

I immediately responded and about 2 minutes later my phone rang – Emily! Emily told me that she was very interested in birth photography and that her hypnobirthing instructor, a wonderful woman by the name of Joy Kraynak (such kismet, right – JOY!??) from Joyful Birth Services had given her my information.

I was beyond thrilled that Joy so wonderfully put us in contact (thank you darling friend!)…but quickly realized we were in a time crunch! And with that in mind, Emily and I made plans to meet in 2 days.

And I crossed my fingers that Baby M. would stay nice and comfy exactly where he was!

Fortunately, Mama had created a loving and wonderful environment for Baby and so he was content staying put. And two days later Emily and I found ourselves together, talking, laughing, and preparing for Baby M’s arrival…then it was time for the waiting game.

Emily’s due date was March 5…but the day came and went without a text or call. Then, on March 7th around 11 am, I got a text saying Emily was having contractions!

Annndddd then a few minutes later, another text telling me that she was going to go out to run some errands before Baby arrived!

I was in stitches! I couldn’t believe her contractions had started and here she was telling me she was heading out to get some things done!

All day long I was on the edge of my seat waiting for more details. Around 8 pm, I got a text saying that Emily was heading to Embrace Midwifery Care and Birth Center and that she would be in touch soon.

When I hadn’t heard from her an hour later, I called her cell.

No response.

Then her boyfriend’s cell.

No answer.

Then her mom’s cell.


Then finally the birth center.

Corina, Emily’s midwife and the owner of the center picked up. When I explained who I was she exclaimed, “Oh YES come come come – Emily’s here for the night!”

In a whirlwind of excitement, I grabbed my pre-packed bags and headed out, hoping I’d arrive sooner than Baby Boy :).

When I arrived at the birth center, I found Emily’s parents, Ann and Richard, and her friend, Tamara, all sitting in the waiting room, eagerly awaiting Baby Boy. After saying hello, I eagerly headed down the hall to Emily’s room, where I found her and her boyfriend, Brandon.


Over the next few hours, Emily transitioned back and forth between the birthing ball, the bed, and the birthing tub as she prepared for Baby M.


Mom came in for a quick visit


I adore everything about this.


Corina checking in on Mama




Emily had the best support team <3.



Love this circle of love.


How appropriate that Brandon’s tattoo says “Fearless”



Moving over to the bed for as much of a rest as she could get…


After nearly a full day in labor, unaided by pain medication, Emily began to push around 5 am.



I’m usually not a fan of color images during birth, but this blue light is pretty amazing.


Almost there…

And at 6:36 am on March 8, 2017, Baby M. finally showed his beautiful face to the world!


Welcome little one!


Mama is so happy to see you!



Hooray – you made it!





I love this tender moment <3



Time to cut the cord!


Grandpa came to say hello



With the three most important men in her life <3


Little one getting his vitals checked…





His first social media picture!


So much love.

Emily and Brandon, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your beautiful birth story and Baby’s incredible entrance into this world. I can’t wait to see you all again soon and to capture even more photos of this little one’s adorable face in the coming weeks!






PS – Interested in capturing your little one’s entrance into this gorgeous world?

Contact me here 🙂

RaphiaMarch 27, 2017 - 8:06 am

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