What Should I Wear for my Engagement Session?

My Engagement Session

It’s finally happened! You did it! YOU’RE ENGAGED!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am THRILLED for you on your engagement!

Saying yes to the love of your life was the easiest decision EVER! NOW comes the hard part. No, not planning for a wedding. Although, we’ll get to that… what should you wear for your engagement session?

A sundress? Boots and jeans? Khakis? A flowy skirt? What about accessories! Where to begin? Check out my recommendations below for some go-to guidelines on finding the perfect outfit for your engagement session!

Some Suggestions…

Consider the Season

Many engagements (although certainly not all) are about a year long. This typically means that you can have your pick of any season when it comes to planning your engagement session. Is there a particular look or feel you’re going for? If you’re craving some images of you and your future spouse in boots and scarves, consider a fall/winter session. More into sun dresses, khakis, and polos? Spring may be your best bet.


Chris and Jen were ready for the gorgeous fall foliage dressed in sweaters with boots!

…And Dress for the Weather

Ok, ok, so you’re just DYING to wear that adorable mini dress and it’s 40 degrees out – girl – you do you! That said, if you want to be a bit more comfortable, certainly keep the season/weather in mind when getting dressed! The more comfortable you FEEL, the more comfortable you will LOOK – certainly an important thought to keep in mind!


Monica and Roland‘s light, airy, and floral outfit selections matched perfectly with the gorgeous spring day in Maymont Park’s Italian Gardens.

Consider the Location

It’s always a good idea to dress for your surroundings so your location selection can have a pretty big impact on your overall dress choices. Having your engagement session on the beach? Toss the shoes and dig your toes in the sand! Thinking about a lifestyle session? Maybe PJs are a great option. Heading to a museum or the capital? You might fit right in in a suit and tie. Allow your location to provide you with a bit of…direction (and yes, pun intended ;-).)


Megan and Mario were comfy and cozy during their lifestyle engagement session at home :).

Match your Levels of Sophistication

So you’re crazy excited for your engagement session and can’t wait to don your cardigan and boots! Until your super snazzy fiance informs you that he just had his suit dry cleaned and is pumped to wear it to your session! It’s always a good idea to be on the same page with your future spouse…and outfit options are no exception! Talk to your boo and figure out a sophistication level that works for both of you. After all – no matter what – you’re both gonna look like a million bucks ;-).


Megan and Patton were definitely on the same page when they picked out their cocktail dress and coordinating suit!

Avoid Logos

It’s true – we all love a good free 5k t-shirt and who wouldn’t want a constant reminder to “Just Do It”?  But for images that stand the test of time and showcase you and your love story, it’s best to avoid clothing with large logos or writing :).


Solids like Taylor and Macy‘s outfits help to ensure the couple is the main focal point of the image.

Rock those Solids!

Solid colors tend to look pretty fabulous in both color and black and white images. While there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with a good print, bring in too many and your eyes may start to hurt! As a general rule of thumb, ONE partner in prints can be a great thing, both can sometimes be a bit much.


Alexis and Jed selected solid, block colors for their photography session, while carefully coordinating their color choices.


I used the A word – ACCESSORIZE and I want you to, too! Jewelry, belts, tights, scarves, hats, hair pieces, suspenders, ties, cardigans, vests – you name it – accessories are a FANTASTIC way to add variety and depth to your images with small tweaks! That said, try not to go tooooooo overboard on the extras. If you can’t decide, feel free to bring a few options along with you. Your photographer should be able to work with you to mix and match your accessories to provide you with greater variety in your final images.


Consider adding in a personal touch to your accessories! Mags and David are both medical professionals which makes the stethoscope a great choice to “bring them together” ;-).

“Coordinate” instead of Matching

One of my favorite pieces of advice for ANY photography session that features more than one person is to *coordinate* your outfits. So! Consider selecting a limited color palette and having everyone involved stick with it. For example, navy and white with a select POP of color such as yellow or red. This is a great time to include a few of those accessories listed above to really bring it all together! Coordinating helps to keep everyone looking cohesive while allowing you freedom to still mix and match as desired!


Monique and Monte opted for a simple yet elegant black color scheme with pops of red!

Consider Your Wedding Colors

If you’re having trouble deciding on what colors you should wear for your engagement session, consider your wedding colors. If you’re sending out Save-the-Dates, it’s a nice, subtle opportunity to provide guests with a little taste of what’s to come on your big day. And after all, you must like them at least a little since you’ve pretty much committed to seeing them plastered in pictures all over your house for the rest of your life!


James and Trenton‘s big day will feature navy and maroon…and a whole lotta love!


Engagement sessions literally exist to be a FUN time for you and your significant other to enjoy each other’s company, get to know your photographer a bit better and how they work behind the lens, and so you can begin to feel comfortable in front of the camera before your big day. So! The biggest piece of advice I can offer is to wear what you feel good in and what makes you feel like YOU. The more comfortable you feel, the more confident you are. The more confident you are, the better your images will truly tell YOUR story.

And isn’t that what it’s all about??


Salsa dancers Carli and Rafy chose elegant evening attire and danced through preeeettyy much all of their engagement session!

A Final Note

Lastly, consider finalizing your outfit selections about ONE WEEK in advance of your engagement session. This will allow you a bit of a buffer if you realize your outfit wouldn’t be complete without a statement necklace…or that gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choo’s you’ve been eyeing ;-). It will also give you a little bit of time to check in with your photographer for their input in case you have questions! And I’m ALWAYS here if you’re feeling in need of some guidance!

Need some more encouragement? Be sure to check out my engagement session pinterest board for more ideas on what to wear!

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